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Feeling Is Believing

Feeling Is Believing

Hedex proudly introduces the Integrity BMS, a revolution in coronary stent engineering. The latest addition to our stent family offers something truly unique: a continuous sinusoidal wire design....

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Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer with Wireless Smartphone Connectivity

Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer with Wireless Smartphone Connectivity

Kinsa Inc., maker of the Kinsa smartphone-connected thermometer, will soon be making available its new Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer. The in-ear device, designed primarily for pediatric use, automatically syncs up with Kinsa’s app to upload readings and track them over time....

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Resolute Integrity DES: The Best in Stent Innovation Unite

Resolute Integrity DES combines the powerful clinical advantages of Resolute DES with the groundbreaking continuous sinusoid technology of Integrity BMS. The result is a revolutionary new DES that provides superior deliverability1 and powerful clinical performance,2 making it even easier for you to address the needs of your complex cases. Integrity Stent Platform with MicroTrac Delivery System Revolutionary stent engineering with continuous sinusoid technology Superior deliverability Improved flexibility3- more flexible than Xience Prime DES and Promus Element DES Superior trackability4- more trackable than the Xience Prime DES and Promus Element DES Lower crossing profile - reduced profile exchange joint enables 6 F KBT compatibility Resolute Polymer BioLinx Polymer and Zotarolimus Drug BioLinx biocompatible polymer allows for rapid, complete and functional healing Potent antiproliferative drug allows effective inhibition of neointimal growth

UCSD Mouth Guard Tracks Levels of Uric Acid Without Blood Draws

UCSD Mouth Guard Tracks Levels of Uric Acid Without Blood Draws

The saliva holds a lot of chemical cues about the state of the rest of the human body, so researchers at University of California, San Diego are working on sensor technology that can be integrated into mouth guards to track...

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